Roll the magic door mats

and take it to an area that can be shaken. Do not hold the rug by its edges.

Use a vacuum cleaner

You can clean the magic door mats with vacuum cleaner if it is easier.

You can wash

You can wash the magic door mats with pressure washer machine periodically. (Note: always use the wide-open fan jet).


The frequency of magic door mats cleaning depends on where magic door mats are used.


Place magic door mats to dry on flat surfaces, never hang magic door mats to dry.


To clean the magic door mats, use neutral detergent, rinse thoroughly. Never use chemicals.

Putting back

Make sure the location of magic door mats is clean and dry before to put it back.

How to save

If you do not use the magic door mats to save, roll the magic door mats with fibers outside, do not fold the magic door mats.


The Magic Door Mats has a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects like: opening edges and detachment of letters or parts.

The warranty does not cover Magic Door Mats’ natural wear. The natural wear will vary depending on the flow of people entering the place, number of times people clean their shoes, soles of rough shoes and pointed shoes and especially the lack of maintenance of periodic cleaning.

Keeping the Magic Door Mats clean always helps prolong the useful life and keep the facility clean and presentable.

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