Magic Door Mats

Our Magic Door Mats are an excellent marketing strategy to welcome your customers, making your environment cleaner and safer.

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We can create a layout to suit your needs

Different Colors

Our mats are manufactured in varied colors

High Quality

Magic Door Mats are made of high quality vinyl and durability

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Our Magic Door Mats

The Magic Door Mats are made of vinyl with the thermal melting of vinyl filaments interlaced in a vinyl blanket with a thickness of 10mm. They are available in various colors, they can be customized, logos and letters, through thermal or painting, and in any size or in any format. It has a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects if letters, logos or borders are opened. Periodic cleaning maintenance is recommended for greater durability of magic door mats.

Our Magic Door Mats retain more than 75% of dirt than any other type of door mat and have as their main use serve as a containment barrier for dirt, retaining and hiding mostly solid particles by simple walking. In this way it keeps all types of environments clean for much longer, thus prolonging the useful life of floor finishes and making a reduction in working time and chemicals in floor cleaning maintenance.

The Magic Mats can be used in different places and businesses: hospitals and nursing homes, bars and restaurants, churches and temples, schools and universities, residences, all kinds of shops, supermarkets, cinemas and theaters, hotels, cars, boats of all sizes, elevators, swimming pools, convenience stores, pharmacies, aquatic and theme parks, in industrial areas, convention center, cultural and sporting events, for pets, funny mats, etc.

Years on the US Market

Completed Projetcs


They can be customized with different colors, brands and letters, in any size or format.

Marketing Tool

Work as an advertising tool for your company and as a visual guide to different locations.

Indoor and Outdoor

Magic Mats can be used in different places like restaurants, churches, schools, markets or pools.

Safety and Security

Promote security in the workplaces as well as access of people to different establishments.

Reduce Cleaning Costs

Help in reducing costs with cleaning all floors and in all types of environment.

Barrier to contain dirt

Our Magic Door Mats retain more than 75% of dirt than any other type of door mat.


Easy to clean

The frequency of magic door mats cleaning depends on where magic door mats are used.

To clean your Magic Door Mat is easy and you can roll and take it to an area that can be shaken, with a vacuum cleaner or uses a pressure washer machine periodically.

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