Our mission is to work in the commercialization and distribution of quality products to provide services with for the total satisfaction of our clients.

About Josh America International

Josh America International, working in the American Market with two commercial areas, the first based on more than 20 years of professional experience in product trade, and the second with 18 years of experience in construction, provides customers with a service differential product deliveries and service accomplishment in the American Market.

Our mission is to work in the commercialization and distribution of quality products with certification and to provide services with qualified professionals for the total satisfaction of our clients, making a greater integration between clients and Company in the supply of materials and services.

Working as a team, Josh America International seeks to promote a synergy between people, respecting diversity, working with products that respect the environment, promoting social actions and encouraging voluntary actions as well.

With a total focus on qualified customer service, Josh America International is an easy-to-reach company, with an effective communication and commitment to always be adding values to our customers, our philosophy is always to be looking for the best solution for our customers.

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Magic Door Mats can be used in a variety of environments: industrial, commercial and residential, including outdoors.


Eco Friendly

Our products are ecologically sustainable.


High Quality

Magic Door Mats are made of high quality vinyl and durability.

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Completed Projetcs


Music, information, services, and advertising all you need to communicate to your customers in all the locations of your business at the same time. Your business can have a direct Audio & Visual communication.

You can have for your business a customized radio with music, information, services and advertising for your costumers and available on website and social networks. Contact us and have a different way to reach out to your customers.

The Josh America International provides for your company a solution for direct Audio & Visual communication with your custom radio and custom Magic Door Mats.

Press the play button, listen to our myradio and get the myradio for your Company.


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